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Rest assured we will always do our part to make your lawn look it's very best. We pride ourselves on making every yard lush and healthy. After we leave your property it is vital for your lawn to receive continued care. Here are a few necessary turf tips for after our technician completes a service at your property. Doing these things in between turf care applications will give you a lawn that you can be proud of.


Every living thing needs water to survive.

Your lawn is no exception. Knowing how much and when to water is key in keeping your lawn healthy. Mother Nature doesn't always provide all the water your lawn needs. Follow these watering tips to ensure your lawn is at its healthiest.

  • Be sure to water after every turf care application
  • Soil should be wet 4 to 6 inches below the surface (1-2 inches of water per week)
  • Watering deep allows for deeper root growth. Watering for longer periods of time less frequently is the way to go.
  • High heat can increase the need to water.
  • Water early. Mid day the sun will evaporate the water. Watering in the afternoon or evening plants and turf stay wet and can be more prone to develop certain diseases that thrive in moist conditions. 
  • Overly wet conditions can be dangerous. If you have places in your lawn where water is free standing consider installing proper drainage or planting moisture tolerant plants like willow, service berry, red bud, sweet gum, river birch, or virburnum.


Mowing your lawn on a regular schedule plays a significant role in the well being and appearance of your lawn. Proper mowing increases the density of the lawn, which in turn decreases the weeds. Follow these tips on the proper way to mow your lawn.

  • Never remove more than 1/3 of the grass blade. 
  • Repeat close mowing can produce a brown lawn and several other harmful side effects. It causes damage to the crown, where new growth generates and nutrients are stored. Sunlight reaches the weed seeds allowing them to germinate. There is also an increased vulnerability to pest and disease.
  • Mow when grass is dry
  • Avoid mowing in the heat of the day to prevent stress on your lawn
  • Keep mower blades sharp and balanced 
  • Reduce mowing frequency and raise mowing height cool-season grasses when hot, dry weather slows their growth rate.
  • Newly seeded grass needs 3 or 4 weeks to get established after germination before you mow it for the first time.

Mowing heights 

       -Bermuda - 1 1/2 to 2 inches

       - Zoysia - 1 to 2 inches 

Core Aeration

Core Aeration is the process of mechanically removing small plugs of thatch and soil from the lawn to improve natural soil aeration. Most lawns benefit from annual aeration. Heavily used lawns, or those growing on heavy clay or sub soils may need more than one aeration each year. Core aeration can help make your lawn healthier and reduce its maintenance requirements through these means:


  • Reduced water runoff and puddling.
  • Enhanced soil water uptake.
  • Improved fertilizer uptake and use.
  • Reduced water runoff and puddling.
  • Stronger turf roots.
  • Reduced soil compaction.
  • Enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance.
  • Improved resiliency and cushioning.
  • Enhanced thatch breakdown.

Safety First

We care about the safety of all of our customers, their families, and pets. We will always leave a posting sign in your yard to let you know that a chemical application was applied to your property. 

Please allow 2-3 hour for the product to dry before allowing children and pets on the lawn. 

If there are any special safety instructions with any of the applications we provide our spray technician will leave a memo on your bill.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the application please feel free to call or email us. 

Importance Of Year Round Service

We do not offer anything less than a 7 visit program to our residential customers. We feel anything less would devalue the quality of lawns we service and take pride in.  A lawn that receives less than 7 visits per year pales in comparison to those who receive a year round program. Many homeowners request to skip treatments during the cold season to save money or simply because they do not know the importance of the winter applications. The winter services ensure that the spring weeds are controlled prior to the warm season.

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